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Performance Fees
Performance Fees

This section covers all you need to know from the investors as well as from the traders perspective.

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Hello friends,

Thank you so much for taking the time to come on this early journey of helping the PsyQuation team build the best possible market place for traders. We believe PsyQuation has a unique approach to identifying trading talent and then incubating that talent to give investors the best probability of future trading success as compared to the competitors in the market place. 

In the roadmap image above you will see that we are working on 2 projects in parallel. Our major project we are working on is called the MMP version which is the "minimal marketable product" and in parallel we are launching this Alpha phase so that we can actually start copy trading and learn along the way to inform our MMP version.  

It is worth mentioning that until our legal documentation and compliance is fully ready to go, we will operate the Alpha phase as demo only. When we have legal and compliance sign off we will launch live copy trading still in the alpha phase.

There are many many features that are being built in the background, it is our intention to release updates to the current alpha product every 2 weeks. We want you to help us shape those 2 week sprints by helping provide input on questions we may have and also questions and features you wish to see. In the coming weeks we will share the list of features we are planning so that you have a better idea of what is still to come. 

Once again I want to thank you on behalf of the entire PsyQuation team. 


Michael Berman, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-founder

20% performance fee above the high water mark on individual pro's.

25% performance fee above the high water mark on the Pro Portfolio.

  • The reason performance fees are higher on the portfolio is because of the cost incurred through a... (More)

This is the level above which you need to be as a Pro to receive performance fees.

For example if I invest $1000 with Pro AB. I only pay performance fees on the profits above what I have invested... (More)

This is a real situation. Lets take a simple example. I copy trader AB and they make $100 profit. I then decide to stop copying AB. There is $20 (20%) performance fees associated with this account. In this instance... (More)

Performance fees will be paid quarterly at the end of calendar quarters.

We understand that it is difficult for full-time traders to survive intra quarter and while we would love to enable monthly performance fees this is at a severe... (More)