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Performance Fees
Performance Fees

This section covers all you need to know from the investors as well as from the traders perspective.

20% performance fee above the high water mark on individual pro's.

25% performance fee above the high water mark on the Pro Portfolio.

  • The reason performance fees are higher on the portfolio is because of the cost incurred through a... (More)

This is the level above which you need to be as a Pro to receive performance fees.

For example if I invest $1000 with Pro AB. I only pay performance fees on the profits above what I have invested... (More)

This is a real situation. Lets take a simple example. I copy trader AB and they make $100 profit. I then decide to stop copying AB. There is $20 (20%) performance fees associated with this account. In this instance... (More)

Performance fees will be paid quarterly at the end of calendar quarters.

We understand that it is difficult for full-time traders to survive intra quarter and while we would love to enable monthly performance fees this is at a severe... (More)