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Welcome to the Alpha Copy Trading Focus Group Forum

Hello friends,

Thank you so much for taking the time to come on this early journey of helping the PsyQuation team build the best possible market place for traders. We believe PsyQuation has a unique approach to identifying trading talent and incubating that talent to give investors the best probability of future trading success as compared to our competitors in the market place. 

Some of you will have been part of our first attempt at getting this project live. Unfortunately we encountered many obstacles along the way, many of which have been resolved. It is now time to move forward.

PsyQuation has partnered with Axitrader one of the largest FX brokers in the world. It is Axi's goal to launch an incredible copy trading mobile app early next year for the relatively new trader. PsyQuation is very much part of this initiative but we don't want to wait any longer. We believe we can offer a fantastic web based copy trading solution for our community right now.

While we believe this early Alpha release may be lacking in some user experience functionality, we believe we more than make up for it in providing our community with access to our curated trading talent as well as our unique portfolio offering.

Today we will be releasing some new functionality to our current offering here or you can access it via the investing menu button in the app. We anticipate adding functionality every few weeks as we learn from you our early adopters in the focus group.

What is Expected of You

  1. We are looking for people who are want to start copy trading the "Pro's" from our AxiSelect program either individually or collectively in a portfolio.
  2. You will need to open an Axitrader account with a minimum of the equivalent of A$5,000.
  3. You will be sent survey questions from time to time, we expect you to answer as many as you can (obviously within reason 😉).
  4. You may be contacted for a more in-depth interview by one of our designers to help us improve our product.
  5. We encourage discussion about our product (good or bad) on this Tribe forum or a Slack channel; we still need to figure out which will be most productive.

Benefits for You as a Gift

  1. As the service may be sub optimal in the first couple of weeks, we will take the first A$5,000 loss in your account for the first 4 weeks after you start copying with a live account. You read that right. You cannot lose up to the value of A$5,000 for the first month.
  2. You will be given 1 year free performance fees for the account you connect.

Next Step

You need to go to this link and sign up and fund a new Axitrader account. Once your account has been funded we will connect it with the Pro trader choice you elected. 

In certain circumstances your choice will not be allowed if your account size is too small to copy the account in question. This is currently a problem with our Pro Portfolio's which require large minimum account sizes. Something we are addressing and will hopefully have a solution very soon.

Finally I need to stress that this product is only available to clients who qualify under the Axitrader International entity.

Once again I want to thank you on behalf of the entire PsyQuation team. 


Michael Berman, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-founder

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Hello dear friends, This weekend PsyQuation will perform technical maintenance and move all investor accounts to new production server. Please let us know if you experience any troubles starting Monday. Thanks to you our Copy Trading is one more step... (More)
Vitor liked a year ago

Hi Vitor

Yes you are correct there is the portfolio choice or individual trader.

As per your second question our current setup only allows 1 copy option. In the next couple of weeks you will be able to do exactly... (More)

Sergey commented a year ago
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